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Course Information
   NAS - Part One
   NAS Part Two
   NAS - Part Three
   Manual - NAS Guide to Principles and Practice
   Ant 113 Cultural Anthropology


NAS - Part Three
   NAS Part III Utilizing Aerial Photography for Archaeology
   NAS Part III Archaeological Illustration
   NAS Part III Archaeological Search Methods
   NAS Part III Cultural Resource Management
   NAS Part III Documentary Research
   NAS Part III Flint Knapping
   NAS Part III Forensic Meteorology
   NAS Part III Introduction to GIS
   NAS Part III Native American Settlement in Northwestern Michigan
   NAS Part III Position Fixing
   NAS Part III Remotely Operated Vehicles (Piloting) for Archaeology
   NAS Part III Building Remotely Operated Vehicles
   NAS Part III Ship and Boat Construction
   NAS Part III The Social History of Ships
   NAS Part III Fundamentals in Archaeological Methods
   NAS Part III Underwater Acoustics
   NAS Part III Underwater Archaeological Surveying
   NAS Part III Using Site Recorder 4


2016 Archaeology Field School
   Field School Aims
   Field School Schedule
   Field School FAQ
   Field School Research in Cathead Bay & Northport
   Field School Enrollment and Course Order Form


Our Instructors
   Dr. Mark W. Holley
   Prof. Kerri Finlayson
   Brian Abbott
   Dr. Charles Cleland
   Prof. Stephen Drake
   Dr. Mark Gleason
   Dr. Roger D. Martlew
   Dr. Rick Sauve
   Dr. Mark Schwartz
   Mr. Kenneth J. Vrana

   Mr. Daniel Harrison